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Old Spectrometers I Have Loved


This 360 MHz NMR spectrometer was purchased in 1981 by the Atlantic Region Magnetic Resonance Center.  It was my first love.  It "turned me on" to NMR

Bruker CXP-200

This was a 200 MHz NMR spectrometer for solids at the University of Guelph.  (photo taken in 1987)

Bruker WH-400

This was a 400 MHz high resolution spectrometer which was the treasure of "The Southwestern Ontario NMR Center".  (photo taken in 1987)

Bruker CXP-90

This 90 MHz solids NMR spectrometer was housed in the department of chemistry at the University of Guelph.  It was connected to a very heavy electromagnet and was very "fun" to use. (photo taken in 1987)

Bruker CXP-180

This 180 MHz solids instrument at the Chemistry Division of the National Research Council had a tall blue magnet which needed to be filled with liquid helium every 9 days. (photo taken in 1988 - John Ripmeester and Glenn Facey) 

Varian XL-300

This 300 MHz high resolution spectrometer was purchased by the University of Ottawa in 1983 and was retired in 2000.  It was bullet-proof! (photo taken in 1993)

Bruker AMX-500

This instrument was purchased in 1993.  The console was replaced with a Varian INOVA console in 2004.

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