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Data Archiving

It is the responsibility of the user to maintain an archive of their own NMR data.  The data from any of the instruments may be deleted by the NMR lab staff at the beginning of each month.  The user must be sure that all NMR data is retrieved from the spectrometer disks before the beginning of each month.

The data on the server will be deleted when space becomes an issue.  You will be notified by email when data will be deleted from the server.

As a courtesy, the NMR lab may archive data from time to time from the instruments but we are not responsible for maintaining an archive and accept no responsibility for lost data.

Your data is very important to you.  A spectrometer hard disk or server crash could wipe out all of your data.  It is YOUR JOB to maintain and archive your own data.

Archiving data is the responsibility of the user!

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